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Sarah is one of the receptionists and works closely with Claire to ensure the day runs as smoothly as possible! Sarah is always willing to go the extra mile for our patients and clients, and is usually found with Clyde sitting on her knee!









Charlotte works primarily at our Borras surgery. Charlotte is primarily responsible for processing all clients insurance claims forms.





Jill is the practice manager and takes care of the ‘books’. Every ship needs a captain and Jill is ours.  She is one of the most organised people one could meet and without her all our lives would be far more stressful.


Anita has the unceasing task of dealing with our accounts. This includes following up payments, and processing all charity vouchers which help us to work closely with any charities we can.



Claire is one of the receptionsists who works mainly in our Lavister surgery and is there to greet the animals with a friendly fuss! Claire ensures the day runs as smoothly as possible! Claire owns two dogs who keep her busy in her spare time.

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Katy is one of the receptionists and mainly works at our Wayside branch.  Katy is responsible for our Pet Health Club and ensures everyone gets the best deals!








You may see Pam at any of our surgeries helping with reception work, but mainly works in Rossett on a Friday. Pam assists the nurses with all aspects or veterinary care and is a valued member of the team!