There have been recent reports of leptospirosis cases in dogs in the local area. In the last few years, new varieties (strains) of leptospirosis have emerged and newer vaccines (including the L4 vaccine) target four strains of the disease rather than just the two strains which were included in the older vaccines.


What is leptospirosis?

It is a widespread bacterial disease affecting a number of species of animals.


How is it transmitted?

It can be transmitted by contact with infected urine, either directly on indirectly from a contaminated environment eg stagnant water supplies, ponds or lakes (wild rodents such as rats can carry the disease, and without ever showing signs of illness, shed it in their urine).


What should I look out for?        

- Anorexia          

- Lethargy

- High Fever

- Acute Renal failure

- Vomiting and Diarrhoea    

- Jaundice (due to liver impairment)


How can I prevent my dog getting it?

Vaccination is considered the best way to protect your dog.  

At Gatehouse Vets we have been using the L4 vaccine, which includes protection against two new strains, since the summer of 2014.  

If your dog has not been vaccinated (either via an initial course or booster) since then please contact your local surgery to arrange an appointment.