Nothing can prepare you completely for the time when your animal companion dies, or has a serious condition that cannot be cured.


Each person reacts uniquely. Your loss is your own and it can feel devastating. This is especially the case when your pet’s death is unexpected, or if you are facing—or have already made—the decision of euthanasia.


Like you, many of us at Gatehouse Vet Centre have beloved animal companions. We truly understand how intense the feelings of grief can be, even if we believe that we are strong or are well-prepared for our companion’s death. We understand too how feelings of loss may continue for some weeks, and that they may be different for different family members. Most of all, we appreciate that grief is a very private process.


When you grieve, you may have many different feelings. Those include sadness, guilt, relief, anger, and numbness. However, grief does not typically occur in neat stages, moving from one feeling to the next. Instead, grief can feel more like painful work where you are trying to do one or more of these things:


Your grief for your lost companion may resolve in a matter of days or a few weeks, but sometimes it can take longer. There is no timetable. And, while all of it is normal, it can sometimes be difficult to get through if people around you, or at work, do not understand your need to grieve.


How We Can Help

The Gatehouse Vet Centre team is available to support you through this time. We never wish to intrude, but please know that we are always glad to help you and we offer a variety of bereavement support.


Person-to-person support

We are available for conversation in person and by phone or e-mail ( Sometimes you may have questions about your animal’s illness or death that are weighing on you. Don’t hesitate to contact us and arrange to talk it over with your vet or veterinary nurse. We understand what a torment unanswered questions can be, and we are always glad to talk to you.


Counselling & Helplines

Grief can be a real struggle at times .If you are finding it difficult to cope, or just want to talk things over with a professional, there are many options available. Below are some examples of where you can find confidential support. Don’t hesitate to reach out.


Pet Bereavement Support Service

Email Support:

Telephone helpline: 0800 096 6606. The support line is open from 8.30am - 8.30pm everyday.

All calls are free and confidential from a landline. If calling from a mobile phone, some phone networks may charge.



Cruse Bereavement Care

Email:       Telephone: 08444 779400         W:



Other resources

There are numerous online resources and books that can be helpful. Here are just a few examples: