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We do our best to support both local and national charities.

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We have a long and close association with the local (Wrexham) branch of the Cats Protection. We attend the charity twice a week when we give any new admissions a thorough clinical examination, attend to any cats which are ill and perform routine surgery.



Being a charity we perform our work there at a much reduced rate and make monthly donations to the charity, but even so, the charity has other expenses to meet and is wholly reliant on donations from the public.




One of the primary aims of the charity is to reduce the stray population and in an effort to do so will issue vouchers to cover a large part of the neutering costs of some privately cared for cats. For further details on the charity and their neutering scheme click here.


We have had a long and friendly working relationship with The Dogs Trust. One of the trusts main aims is to help people get their dogs neutered.


The Trust can through vouchers enable you to have your pet (male or female) neutered for £30. In addition the Trust occasionally runs local schemes which provide free neutering or free health checks (including vaccinations).


Founded in 1891 as the National Canine Defense League the Dogs Trust is an animal welfare charity which specialises in the rehabilitation and rehousing of dogs which have been abandoned or given up by thier owners. The charity has 17 rehoming centers in the UK and one in Dublin.


The Dogs Trust website can be found here.

We are proud to provide long term support to North Wales K-9 unit through our subsidised care and support of their highly train and efficient police dogs.


Jill, our Practice Manager has also rehomed Riley, a retired North Wales Police Dog.

We currently run an RSPCA Clinic at our Borras Park.


This is a low cost clinic for people who qualify to visit the clinic, and certain criteria must be followed.


These include addresses only in the LL postcode area, only one purebred dog can be registered, all animals must be neutered, only 3 animals to one client and all animals must be microchipped.


To qualify for the RSPCA clinic, you must be in recipt of certain benefits.


To find out more about the RSPCA Clinics, please phone 01978 310131.


IMPORTANT: This is only a veterinary clinic, all concerns about animal welfare will need to be dealt with by the National RSPCA by calling 0300 1234 999