Is my pet in pain or just getting old?

Help identifying signs of pain in older pets that are often mistaken for old age, take our quizzes or watch the video to see if your pet is suffering from mobility related pain.

As cats and dogs get older there are many visible signs of them aging, such as greying around the muzzle, sleeping more and exercising less. There are also more subtle signs that are commonly mistaken for signs of aging, that are actually signs of pain, including behavioural changes as well as alterations to your pet’s physical activities.

If you have a pet over the age of 7 please take a couple of minutes to complete one of our quizzes which can help you identify some common signs of joint pain or watch the video below.

Dog Quiz – Mobility Movement Dog Quiz – Mobility Behaviour Cat Quiz – Mobility Movement Cat Quiz – Mobility Behaviour


On the 17th November we held a client evening where we had guest speakers to discuss all about arthritis in our pets. We were very lucky to have this evening recorded so anybody who couldn't make it could still benefit from the presentations! To watch Marian discuss all about arthritis in our dogs, click the dog image to the left! To hear Kelly talk all about arthritis in our cats, click the cat image to the right!

Arthritis Awareness Evening

Arthritis-in-Dogs inquisitive-cat300